Welcome the light this Winter Solstice & Full Moon

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Welcome the return of the light this Winter Solstice and Full Moon

by listening to these amazing spiritual teachers

Denise Linn

Denise is an internationally respected healer, writer and teacher, who has studied with many different ancient wisdom traditions all over the world. She is the author of several books, including the bestsellers Sacred Space, Soul Coaching and Energy Strands.

Colette Baron-Reid

Colette is a best-selling author of books such as The Map, and the creator of several Oracle Card decks. As a spiritual medium, she is also the star of the hit TV series, 'Messages from Spirit' and she hosts the highly popular call-in radio show 'Ask the Oracle' on Hay House Radio.

Alan Cohen

Alan is the author of several inspiring books, such as The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, A Deep Breath of Life, Are You As Happy As Your Dog, A Course in Miracles Made Easy and The Tao Made Easy. Alan is also a student of A Course in Miracles.

John Holland

John is is an internationally renowned psychic medium and spiritual teacher. He has written several bestselling books, such as Born Knowing, Power of the Soul and Bridging Two Realms, and he is an expert in sharing how you can tune into the Spirit World and communicate with your loved ones.

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HeatherAsh inspires you to liberate your full voice and power. She helps you connect with the warrior goddess energy within you. She is the author of Warrior Goddess Training and Awakening Your Inner Fire.

Meggan Watterson

Meggan is a spiritual mentor, speaker, and scholar of the Divine Feminine who inspires women to live from the voice of their soul. She is the author of Reveal, How to Love Yourself, and the creator of The Divine Feminine Oracle Deck.

Linda Fitch

Linda is a practicing shaman who has studied and worked with the medicine men and women of Peru for more than two decades. She is the former ​Dean​ of the Four Winds Society, and she has trained thousands of students in shamanic healing practices.

Sandra Anne Taylor

Sandra is an international speaker and consultant who lectures on the power of eternal consciousness and personal energy. She has written Quantum Breakthrough Code, The Akashic Records Made Easy and The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives.

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Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca is an intuitive, six-sensory teacher and bestselling author to two books – Light is the New Black, and Rise Sister Rise, and the creator of her new oracle cards - Work Your Light.

Mike Dooley

Mike has written several inspirational books that have been published in 25 languages, and he is a master in sharing how you can become a conscious co-creator with the Universe.

Lisa Natoli

Lisa is a teacher of A Course in Miracles. Her life is devoted to helping people heal - to know their wholeness - healing means wholeness. This is accomplished by changing your thinking and inner energy.

Dr. Christine Page

Christine is a holistic doctor with a passion for seeing and treating the whole person; body, mind and spirit. She’s been called a mystical physician gifted with both healing and intuitive skills. She has written Frontiers of Health and Healing Power of the Sacred Woman

Connect with your inner light with guided healing meditations

Let Cissi Williams take you on guided journeys into the world of Spirit

Soul Retrieval Journey

This guided meditation takes you on a journey to retrieve your Soul's light and gifts. You'll also be taken through a healing process to shift your thinking from fear to love, from judgement to compassion. In this way you let Spirit lead, instead of the ego-mind.

Healing Your Ancestors

This journey takes you into the sacred womb of the Divine Feminine to heal your relationship with your female ancestors, and then up into the Heavens, where you meet the Spirit Elders, so you can heal your relationship with your male ancestors.

Meet your inner mystic, healer & Shaman

This guided meditation takes you on a journey where you get to meet your inner Mystic, Healer and Shaman.

Cissi Williams

Cissi is a teacher of Energy Medicine, Mysticism and Shamanic Healing and has been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1992. She is the founder of Soul Tribe and the magazine Inspired Wellbeing.

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